Elizabeth F. Martin Fine Art is an independent company which acquires top-quality art for private clients at all price levels, from historic eighteenth-century landscapes to contemporary paintings, sculpture and glass. We guide, educate and advise collectors of fine Irish art and source key works for our clients. Seeking out the best, our clients need to search beyond auctions and public exhibitions, and it is this unique assistance that we provide. Our professional and personal acquaintances with Ireland and its art allow us access to private owners’ homes whose paintings remain closed to the average collector, as well as the majority of trade professionals, and thus would never be offered in the open market.

We operate within boundaries of theme, date, medium or price. In addition, we present to our client any works of art that may become available and which we believe have the quality and importance they are seeking. Our only criterion is that we will never offer our clients any work of art which we do not feel to be the best of its kind. Equipped with this range of skills and contacts, we provide a complete range of art-related services to assist the client in the maintenance of their collection.

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