Bill Griffin
Born 1947


"Well, if you're not sure that your money is safe in the bank and you've finally realised that stockbrokers know even less than you do, it might well be worth putting some money into art. Genius painter Bill Griffin has a show..etc."

Bill Griffin was born in Cork in 1947. As a young man Bill Griffin moved to London to pursue the path of artist. In 1971, however, drawn by the opportunity to travel and the challenge of a new career Bill went to work in the oil fields. Rising quickly through the ranks, his natural business acumen and engineering abilities meant that by the eighties Bill was serving as a board member and oil concession negotiator for some of the world’s major oil companies. Working in Africa, Australia, Russia and the Middle East gave Griffin, always a social and cultural imbiber, the opportunity to experience the lifestyle and imagery of these countries. In 1999, the onset of the ‘ultimate madness’ as he describes it, persuaded him at the age of 52, to abandon his very successful career and return to his former dream, that of being a full time artist. Bill Griffin held his first solo show to huge critical acclaim in Cork as part of the St Finbarre’s Cathedral Celebrations in 2000. Since then Griffin has had 12 solo shows. His work forms part of many National and International Collections both Public and Private.

Griffins work is a conduit to the unconscious world of free expression. To get purity of thought, memory and experience across the social divide one traditionally uses verbal and body language, facial expression, the written word or any other communicative tool at one’s disposal. Bill Griffin wants to bypass the hindrances of these learned systems and language. Instead Bill uses symbolism to expose us to the purest of imagery that will take us to the inner space of the artist’s mind. There is never an explanation of what the work is about from Griffin. The painting presented will elicit its own reaction within each individual. By assimilating the work into their own consciousness the viewer can enter this dreamscape. Colour is Bill Griffin's voice and symbolism is his language.

Search "bill griffin painting" on You Tube and watch an interview with Bill about his work.

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24 x 30 inches
Priced at $1950.00


Reply from Velasquez
24 x 20 inches
Priced at $1950.00


Caravan Rest
24 x 35 inches
Priced at $2200.00

After the Maelstrom
23 x 15 inches
Priced at $1100.00


Gipsy Queen
30 x 23 inches
Priced at $1950.00


Ned Kelly
24 x 30 inches
Priced at $1950.00

The Brother
39 x 39 inches
Priced at $2900.00


65 x 38 inches
Priced at $5500.00


Busman's Holiday, Beara
48 x 60 inches
Priced at $5500.00

I Love an Audience
30 x 24 inches
Priced at $1950.00


Song For Deirdre
64 x 48 inches
Priced at $5500.00


The Sleepy Sleepy Night Time Gang
30 x 21 inches
Priced at $1850.00

Jesters Do Oft Prove Prophets
24 x 30 inches
Priced at $1850.00


16 x 16 inches Priced at $1600.00